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Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by rude people? It may be because you are surrounded by rude people.

The Rudest States In the Midwest

If you leave the Indiana bubble, you might feel like those around you are coarse. It’s not you, it’s them. They actually are rude. Hoosiers are surrounded by rudeness. Money Wise recently ranked the rudest states in the country and guess what? All of our Midwest neighbors showed up on the list. Money Wise’s list of the top rudest states includes Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. All of these states made the boorish lineup. These four states are known for housing the biggest jerks.


Ohio has ranked among the most foul-mouthed and least courteous states in America in the past, particularly when it comes to swearing at customer service representatives over the phone. And drivers tend to violate the rules of the road 32% more in Ohio than they do in the rest of the country.


The Great Lakes State might lie along America’s border with Canada — the country lauded (and sometimes ridiculed) for being “nice” — but it’s still lacking in manners when compared to the rest of the U.S. Detroit is considered the state’s rudest city and was also ranked the sixth rudest city in America.


According to this study, Wisconsinites have poor etiquette when it comes to both driving and interacting with customer service employees. They run stop signs 23% more frequently than average and are less likely to say “please” and “thank you” during phone conversations with businesses.


Nearly 4% of Illinois residents are considered rude. There’s even a Chicago diner that pays its staff to be rude to customers — at Ed Debevic’s, servers respond to your orders with insults.

The Friendliest States

There are other states that rank higher for rudeness (think New York) but what about Indiana? Are Hoosiers rude? Nope! Best Life magazine puts Indiana in the friendly category. We scored a 6 on the friendly scale. Our friendly index is a 47.11, what ever that means.

Travel website Big 7 Travel asked 1.5 million of their social media followers to vote on the friendliest states in America, and the results just might surprise you. Indiana was consistently rated in the top 10 for friendliness.

Other friendly states include Minnesota, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Hawaii. states that Indiana is a good, friendly place because the Hoosier State offers the perfect mix of city and country life. They go on to say that Indiana features beautiful skylines, everything is fresh, the Indy 500, great local beer and wineries, the ever-changing weather, and lastly, the people. Keep smiling, Hoosiers!