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INDIANAPOLIS–The temperatures across Indiana are going to fluctuate for the next couple of weeks, but the National Weather Service wants you to know that warmer weather is coming.

“We’re going to see a fairly significant warming trend. Friday we’ll have temperatures in the low 70s and then into the 80s by Saturday. But then we see highs get back into the 60s and lower than that next week, but we are seeing the time of spring where our ‘normals’ are growing steadily,” said Joe Nield, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Nield says we are getting a more “typical” Indiana spring.

“It has been long enough that we’ve seen one and I think it’s throwing folks a little bit. During a typical Indiana spring, we see these fluctuations. We are reaching a point where it will be warmer consistently. It’s not far off. By the time we get into early to mid-May, that’s when we’re usually looking at normal temperatures that are sitting around 70 degrees and perhaps a little above that,” said Nield.

There will be some evenings next week where low temperatures will drop below 40.

“When you see those temperatures get into the 30s, you’ll need to be prepared whatever plants you can and cover up what you can’t. You can use a little plastic sheeting to keep that frost off the vegetation and protect it on those really cold nights,” said Nield.

There will be rain at times over the next few days, but Nield says you don’t have to worry about severe weather during that time.