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Biden’s approval numbers are so bad at this point that even far-left CNN is admitting the truth: “This is a really, really, really bad number.”

How bad? Biden’s approval rating is the lowest of any president at this point in his presidency according to polling data from Quinnipiac University, Hart/POS, Reuters, and CBS News.

Even worse for Democrats: Joe Biden’s dismal job approval ratings are low among demographic groups that generally support Democrats, including racial minorities and young people.

57 percent of young people polled say they disapprove of Biden’s job performance while just 43% approve.

Meanwhile, a 54 percent majority of Hispanics and 33 percent of African Americans said they disapprove of Biden.

22 percent of people who voted for Biden in 2020 also disapprove.

Things are looking pretty bleak for Democrats with midterm elections less than 200 days away.