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WASHINGTON — President Biden says the U.S. and its allies are working closely together to manage the “destabilizing effects” of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

During a virtual meeting with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, Biden called Russia’s actions horrific. He again condemned the recent deadly attack on a Ukrainian train station as Modi condemned the killing of all innocent civilians.

In addition, Biden urged the Indian prime minister not to step up his country’s use of Russian oil as the invasion of Ukraine nears its 50th day.

Austria’s chancellor visited Moscow this week, describing it as “not a friendly visit.” Karl Nehammer met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and added his discussions with Putin were “very direct, open, and tough.”

Nehammer said he had just seen the devastation from the Russian invasion while visiting Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says tens of thousands of people have been killed in Russia’s assault on the southeastern port city of Mariupol. Zelensky offered that assessment today in a video address to South Korean lawmakers as he asked Seoul for any military aid it could provide. Zelensky said, “South Korea can help us.”

Russia claims it destroyed anti-aircraft missile systems a European nation supplied to Ukraine. A Defense Ministry spokesman said today that Russian missiles destroyed four S-300 launchers concealed in a hangar on the outskirts of a city in central-eastern Ukraine. The spokesman said the attack also hit 25 Ukrainian soldiers. Slovakia donated an S-300 system to Ukraine last week and said the one it provided was not hit. There’s been no comment yet from Ukraine.