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INDIANAPOLIS--A 16-year-old was shot to death in a parking lot on the east side of Indianapolis.

The shooting happened just before 10 p.m. in a lot at 30th St. and Lesley Ave., said a news release from the Indianapolis Metro Police Dept.

The teenager was taken to the hospital for surgery, where he died. He was ID’d Monday morning as Michael Dowerson.

Police did not discuss a motive, but said they spoke to witnesses at the scene.

“We’re still very concerned as the weather warms up that we’re probably gonna see a lot more activity on the street,” said Rev. Charles Harrison, head of the Ten Point Coalition, talking to WISH TV. Harrison saiud some of that concern comes from the violence over the weekend in the city, which included the first murder in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood in several years, which happened Saturday.

The Ten Point Coalition walks neighborhoods, and is a faith-based group that has had success in cutting down on violent crime that way.

“There certainly are still too many people in our city that don’t have a regard for the sanctity of human life, so you know these interpersonal conflicts tend to lead to violence and too many people are being shot,” he said.

In total, three people were murdered in Indy over the weekend, with several more shot.