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The number one rule of science is to “never stop questioning.” Also, never set a child’s hands on fire.

Public Education In Action:

A Texas middle school teacher has resigned after a botched science experiment they were conducting in the classroom led to one of the students getting badly burned, according to the Dallas Morning News.

And boy oh boy did it go wrong.

The Granbury Police Department told CBS Dallas that a 37-year-old female teacher put hand sanitizer in a 12-year-old male student’s hands and lit the highly flammable solution on fire as part of a class science experiment.

The purpose of the science experiment was not clear, but it definitely involved putting FIRE in a child’s bare hands.

The student suffered possible third-degree burns as a result. He might have earned some extra credit as well due to the fact that his hands were horribly mangled.

Now here’s the thing:

You would assume that teachers setting students and classrooms ablaze is a rare occurrence. Wrongo!

Here’s a teacher setting a student on fire in 2016:

And here’s a teacher setting to the entire classroom in 2015:

And yet again, an entirely different teacher set his student on fire in 2019. Read all about it HERE.

The lesson: If you’re a science student, never volunteer to participate in ANY classroom experiments. Let the teacher’s pet get burned alive.

Mr. Wizard might have had his faults, but he never set a kid ablaze.