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KYIV, Ukraine. — The number of alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine now tops 5,000.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns the situation in one town is “significantly more dreadful” than the massacre in a nearby city.  That’s where Russian troops are accused of killing at least 320 residents before they moved out, leaving bodies in the streets.

But Zelensky says the town is worse in terms of destruction and the unknown amount of victims.

Ukrainian officials say Russian forces have attacked a train station in eastern Ukraine where thousands of people were trying to evacuate.  Ukraine’s state railway company says more than 30 people were killed and over 100 were injured by a Russian missile strike at a train station that was the main evacuation point for those trying to flee to safer parts of the country.  The rail company says on Thursday, that three trains carrying evacuees were blocked by a Russian airstrike in the same part of eastern Ukraine.

The resistance of Ukraine has been noteworthy. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman says the forces invading Ukraine have sustained “significant losses of troops.”

Dmitry Peskov made the admission in an interview with Sky News, published Thursday.  Peskov called the losses a “huge tragedy” in a rare acknowledgment of Russia’s struggles on the battlefield in the war that began more than seven weeks ago.