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A TikTok star enjoyed his very first hot air balloon ride AND his first crash landing on the same trip. Good thing he didn’t decide to go skydiving instead, huh?

Nicholas McCall of New Jersey captured the whole debacle on video, which he later posted to Twitter.

In the clip, a guide can be heard saying, “Hang on! Just hang on! Hang on! Everybody, hang on!” as the basket smashes into the ground.

Fun Fact: You really don’t have to tell people to “hang on” when they’re in a hot air balloon that is crashing to the ground. It’s just not one of those occasions where your natural instinct is to go ‘hands-free.’

Fun Fact, The Sequel: This goes double for commercial airplane pilots. If I’m on a 747 that’s diving downward at 600 mph, you really don’t need to advise me to “Brace! Brace!” there, captain. I assure you that my rectum has already communicated that message to the rest of my body.

Oh, here’s the crash by the way:

Hot Air Balloon Captain: “Stay in the basket with me, stay on! Stay on!”

Once again, completely unnecessary instruction! We’re crashing, good sir. If I am removed from the basket, I assure you I was not involved in the decision-making process.

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