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Food inflation has skyrocketed under the Biden administration as a result of higher energy costs, supply chain challenges, and the pro-inflationary monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.

Here’s where things stand since Biden took office, according to statistics released by the RNC:

Beef: up 16.2%

Pork: up 14%

Poultry: up 12.5%

Eggs: up 11.4%

Fresh Fruit: up 10.6%

And by the way, it’s going to get worse.

The Agriculture Department said in late March that food prices would rise another 5% this year, a two-point increase from its forecast in February.

The cost of living is now the top issue for Americans, jumping ahead of jobs and the economy, voting rights, and the pandemic, according to an NBC News poll.

When asked what was behind rising prices, 38% said President Biden’s policies, 28% said the pandemic, and 23% said corporate price increases.

Something Positive: Biden’s overall approval rating recently dropped below 40%, its lowest yet.

How to Cope: Look, if Biden offered to step down from office for a hefty sum, we’d gleefully make a generous contribution to that fund. Think of rampant inflation as a backdoor means of doing that. It’s an investment that will pay off handsomely in 2024.

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