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LAPORTE, Ind, — The Republican National Committee has targeted several congressional districts throughout the United States in their effort to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the upcoming mid-term elections.

One of the districts they are pumping a lot of campaign money into is Indiana’s 1st congressional district with covers the northwestern corner of Indiana made up of Lake and Porter Counties, as well as a portion of LaPorte County.

It’s a district, currently represented by Rep. Frank Mrvan (D), that has not been occupied by a Republican since 1931. Former LaPorte mayor Blair Milo has put her name in the hat to try and break the foothold Democrats have had on the district for almost a century.

“I would challenge that notion that it’s a highly Democratic area,” Milo said on All Indiana Politics. “The data shows us that there have been more and more votes for Republican candidates at every level of local government over the last decade or so.”

She points out that Gov. Eric Holcomb, in his landslide victory over Dr. Woody Myers (D) and Donald Rainwater (L) in the last election, only lost the 1st congressional district by half a percent which she says further solidifies the progress she says Republicans have made in the area.

Milo said that the policies being put forth by the Biden Administration and Democrats in Washington are out of touch with what Hoosiers are looking for in northwest Indiana.

“We need to fight back against a number of the policies that are being advanced that are so harmful to Hoosiers in Northwest Indiana, but really for families all across the country,” she said.

Milo wants to see policies pushing for the U.S’s independence on energy which she believes will alleviate costs at the pump.

However, Milo was also non-committal on certain topics, such as issues regarding transgender girls in high school sports. She said she is all for a “fair playing field” and the right policies need to be identified to ensure that fair playing field. Milo would not say if she supports Gov. Holcomb’s veto of a ban on transgender girls in girls’ sports in Indiana.

Jennifer Ruth-Green, Mark Leyva, and Martin Lucas are among the other notable Republican candidates hoping to win the nomination to take on Mrvan.