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Dana Perino perfectly articulated why the Biden Administration’s walk backs are so detrimental to our country.

Perino, former White House Press Secretary, appeared on Larry Kudlow’s show on Fox Business to discuss the White House’s response to Biden going off script to criticize Putin. Biden called for regime change at the end of his speech in Poland last week by stating “For God sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

During the conversation, Perino said she believes the White House staff didn’t even ask President Biden after the speech if he meant what he did in fact state. She noted that the immediate walk back from the administration made Biden look weak to the world.

“Now he’s in this position where we have weakened the President on the world stage. And maybe he shouldn’t of said what he said. But then I think they go a step further when they say he’s “speaking in his personal capacity” That is ridiculous.”

Katz couldn’t agree more, stating Perino’s take should be all over social media.