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President Biden is getting a lot of exercise these days as he continues to walk back countless remarks he’s made.

During a press conference Monday regarding the Fiscal Year ’23 Budget, Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Biden about the attention his comments has gotten recently.

“Are you worried that the other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back, if some of these big things you say on the world stage keep getting walked back?”

After Biden asked for examples, Doocy delivered. The reporter noted Biden’s past comment telling US troops they are going to Ukraine, how the US would use a chemical weapon, and most recently his call for regime change in Russia. Biden denied he said any of the prior stating they “didn’t occur.”

Biden then, you guessed it, started to walk back each comment that “didn’t occur.” The President was asked to clarify what specifically “trigger a response in kind” meant to which he just didn’t reply at all.

“I’m not going to tell you.  Why would I tell you?  You got to be silly… The world wants to know a lot of things.  I’m not telling them what the response would be; then Russia knows the response.” 

Tony Katz, though not surprised, asks if Biden really believes his words don’t have meaning.

That’s your argument?! ‘None of the three occurred’ because you didn’t say it and create a problem?… It doesn’t show you are creating more problems- making it much more difficult to achieve peace without warfare? Do you not understand that your words have meaning?