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1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones says tipping servers in restaurants is rooted in slavery.

The controversial journalist and CRT proponent revealed her views on tipping in response to a tweet from former MSNBC host Touré Neblett, who also criticized the practice.

“Tipping is a legacy of slavery and if it’s not optional then it shouldn’t be a tip but simply included in the bill. Have you ever stopped to think why we tip, like why tipping is a practice in the US and almost nowhere else?” Hannah-Jones said.

Touré Neblett said in response “America is a slaveocracy, part 1619,” a reference to the 1619 Project, which argued that America’s founding is based on slavery.

Historian Phil Magness took a screenshot of Hannah-Jones’ tweet and explained (with facts) that the practice of tipping is actually practiced in various parts of the world and did not originate with slavery.

Hannah-Jones has since deleted her tweet.

Rob Kendall offers his thoughts in the clip below.