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“What is a woman?”

“When does life begin?”

“Can a fetus feel pain?”

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is unable to provide cohesive answers to those three questions.

That’s a problem, according to WIBC host Rob Kendall. After all, how can a judge interpret and enforce the law if she is unable to provide a basic definition or response to those crucially important questions beyond “I don’t know.” She can’t. And you’re not going to get fair and equitable decisions because you’re dealing with someone who is an ideologue.

What Is A Woman?

When Does Life Begin?


Can An Unborn Child Feel Pain at 20 Weeks?

Kendall: “You know who I expect to not know an answer to these basic things? The guy working at the local convenience store. He doesn’t have to rule on these issues, but Ketanji Brown Jackson does. Her job is to know definitions.”

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