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The mother of a 12-year-old boy was in the middle of practicing her keyboard, enjoying a moment of musical nirvana. Suddenly, her son interrupted her to announce the very best news ever…

He finally beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft!!

Ah, the delights of youth. The joy in the simple things. The wonder of being keenly unaware of how challenging things are for your parents in the current economy.

We salute the unbridled fun and lack of responsibility that accompanies being young with the following collection of “Great Moments in Kids Interrupting Their Parents.”

#1: Children Interrupt BBC News Interview

#2: Daughter Wants A Biscuit

#3 Decorating With Scarlett

#4 CNBC Becomes Briefly Enjoyable To Watch

#5 Toddler Takeover

General Observation: Kids interrupt the news a lot – especially in the U.K.

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