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Jill Biden’s husband has been feeling a little down in the dumps lately.

Why so glum?

It could be his age. At 79 years-very-old, Joe’s keenly aware that a pine box party is in his near future. That surely has to be messing with what’s left of his mind.

On the other hand, Joe’s son, Hunter, and his impending legal woes could be the thing that’s stealing his joy. The President’s parmesan cheese-sniffing imbecile of an offspring is currently under Federal investigation, and the New York Times just confirmed that all that Russian disinformation about crack-addict Hunter’s dirty laptop wasn’t Russian disinformation after all.

More than likely, however, Joe’s heart is troubled by the inescapable fact that the majority of American voters – Democrats included – absolutely loathe him with an unquenchable passion. In fact, Joe’s so bad at being President that we’re not even sure the First Lady will support him in 2024.

But still, Jill doesn’t want Joe feeling like he’s in a funk. She doesn’t want him depressed. After all, if he starts feeling too hopeless he might ‘off’ himself. And if Joe dies, Kamala Harris becomes President. Jill doesn’t want that!

So seeking to heal his wounded spirit, Jill paid tribute to Joe in her recent Sesame Street appearance.

Please Note: The video above might have been severely manipulated.