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WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is stepping around questions about court-packing and televising high court proceedings.

During Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearing, Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley pressed the federal judge about proposals from some Democrats to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court and judges on federal appellate courts.

Jackson called it a policy question that should be left up to Congress and vowed to stay “in my lane.”  As for televising Supreme Court proceedings, Jackson said she would have to discuss that with other justices if she’s confirmed.

Grassley also asked Jackson if she believes the Supreme Court has been “bought by dark money groups,” as some progressives have alleged.  Jackson said she has no reason to believe that’s the case.

Jackson said she’s guided by impartiality and limits on judicial authority. She argued judges should rule “without fear or favor.”

President Biden nominated the 51-year-old Jackson to replace retiring liberal Justice Stephen Breyer. The federal appellate court judge would be the first Black woman to ever serve on the nation’s highest court if she’s confirmed.