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America is a place of great diversity: diversity of thought… diversity of opinion… diversity of gender…

And yet, there is one fundamental truth upon which we should all agree: Dr. Anthony Fauci, oppressive, power-hungry, narcissistic medical expert to the stars, is a terrible person.

He who is Fauch has been MIA in recent months as the crisis in Ukraine, massive inflation, and rumors that Biden crapped his pants at the Vatican took center stage with the drooling public. And indeed, the decline in COVID infections and deaths across the nation have limited Dr. Fauci’s opportunities to exploit the crisis in order to justify multiple ego-stroking television appearances.

It’s been a depressing turn of events for the Fauchster. For a while there, Dr. Evil allegedly considered stepping down from his position and retiring.

Yes, fame is fleeting. Some deal with the sudden loss of notoriety better than others…

The key to a sustained career in the public eye is reinvention. One must “mutate,” if you will. But how? What form should that mutation take?

Things looked bleak for our anti-hero, but hope was on the horizon.

2022 Midterm Elections: A Call To Action…

The 2022 Midterm elections are just around the corner, and by all accounts, Democrats are going to get spanked when voters go to the polls.

What to do? Get Fauch on the case and have him begin laying the groundwork for the return of COVID “health” restrictions to rationalize mass mailing of ballots and unaccountable voting.

Yes, the pandemic is over, but we still have a long way to go.

So keep those masks at the ready kids. Get that 4th booster shot. And most importantly, click below to hear more about Rob Kendall’s thoughts on Fauci’s comments to ABC.