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WASHINGTON–The U.S. could be more effective with economic sanctions against Russia, especially if our European allies are willing to cooperate, said Hoosier Sen. Todd Young.

“The response has been, on the economic side, strong, but not nearly strong enough,” said Young, in an interview with IndyPolitics. “We’ve applied sanctions against the oil and gas sector. We have not persuaded the Europeans and others to follow suit. So, that’s the primary area where we need to apply more sanctions.”

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Young said the U.S. can also apply “secondary sanctions”.

“We’ve sanctioned individual Russian banks. But, that just sanctions our ability to trade with them. It doesn’t sanction a French bank or a Syrian bank for doing business with those banks,” he said.

Young said that would be key to tightening the economic noose around Russia, and bringing their economy to a stop, so that the Russian people pay more attention.

“We’re of course, not targeting the Russian people. But, we do need them to feel some measure of discomfort and pain so that they can, in turn, pressure Vladimir Putin.”