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These are complicated times in which doctors, scientists, and overpaid bureaucrats (“Hi, Fauci!”) are constantly “evolving” their views on the benefit of various medical treatments. Do masks work? Are vaccines safe? What do they inject Joe Biden with before he delivers a speech?

It’s difficult to keep up at times.

But doctors say more often than not, the sage wisdom of the scientific community regarding alternative medical treatments remains consistent. For example, at no time in modern history has ANY licensed medical professional advocated the use of a fish cleaner to lift your spirits and put a song in your heart.

Sadly, the passage of the Affordable Care Act has reduced the accessibility of doctors for the common man. Thus, these knowledge-seeking individuals are forced to lean on the expert medical advice of social media influencers.

Enter “Methylene Blue…”

Methylene Blue is an anti-fungal dye often used to clean fish tanks, but it’s also the fountain of youth, according to social media influencers.

According to the brilliant minds of TikTok, drinking Methylene Blue or injecting it into your body can increase cognitive abilities, boost metabolism, and fight aging!

Here’s a wise an enthusiastic drinker of this ‘youth juice’ now!

How does this toxic substance taste? Positively Smurf!

But Canadian physician Dr. Jon is warning his TikTok followers against taking methylene blue, saying it can cause potentially deadly complications for people who also take anti-depressants.

Yeah, apparently it could kill you. And while that technically stops the aging process instantaneously, that’s really not what health and fitness enthusiasts are after.

Experts say a good rule of thumb when it comes to fish cleaners is to avoid injecting them or pouring them into any orafice on your person.

Hammer and Nigel have more helpful health tips in the clip below.