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STATEWIDE–Most of Indiana is expected to get rain and high wind gusts on Friday.

“We’re probably going to see some rain showers move in around daybreak tomorrow and then continue into the evening hours,” said David Beachler, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Beachler believes the best chance for rain is between 1 and 6 pm Friday.

“If there is any severe weather that does develop, it would be south of Indianapolis, like probably down across Bloomington, Columbus, Seymour, places down there. That is not to say we couldn’t see some isolated severe storms further north, but the greatest risk is further south,” said Beachler.

High wind gusts and heavy rain are the main threats to watch out for.

“Definitely the wind part is what we’re concerned with. There is potential for really gusty winds. Lightning is also a hazard this time of year to remind people about, especially since people are migrating back outside after being inside all winter,” said Beachler.

Once the rain moves out Friday night, temperatures will be in the 40s on Saturday morning. They will eventually warm up throughout the weekend, but rain is expected again next week.

“There may be a few days where temperatures will be back into the 70s, but we’re also looking at another storm system that is coming in early in the week and then another one towards the latter part of the week,” said Beachler.

He expects there to be an active weather pattern for the next 7-10 days, but rainfall totals are unclear at this point.

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