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INDIANAPOLIS  – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for more help while speaking with U.S. Congress Wednesday morning and Senator Todd Young agrees.

He said the country needs help defending it’s airspace as Russia continues to invade Ukraine.

“This battle for Kyiv and the larger battle to maintain Ukrainian independence is going to require on dominance in the airspace,” said Young. “Now we’ve given lethal assistance to the Ukrainians. Most recently in a bipartisan fashion through a $14 billion aid package that provided them additional javelin anti-tank weapons. It provided their folks on the ground with additional anti-aircraft weapons, but they need more service to air missiles to ensure that they can control the airspace.”

Young says that Ukrainian pilots need jets to fly and wants President Joe Biden to work with NATO allies to ensure they have the resources to defend themselves.

“So let’s give the Ukrainian people the tools to carry on the fight. We’ve succeeded in helping Ukraine become a porcupine that’s difficult for Vladimir Putin and his army to digest. Let’s go to the next step. Let’s ensure that they have the teeth to fight back especially as they launch a counter offensive from Kyiv.”

Young says America needs to stand with the Ukrainian people during their darkest hour.