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INDIANAPOLIS — City workers in Indianapolis are starting to catch up with potholes on city streets.

Every year it’s the same story, winter starts heading out the door and leaves behind a bunch of potholes on many major thoroughfares as well as lesser-used side streets. Last week, before the late-week cold snap, Indy DPW workers were able to fill over 11,000 potholes throughout Indianapolis.

“If a road has really not gone through any kind of rehabilitation for the better part of five to ten years, that is a road that is uniquely potholed,” said Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett to Indy Politics. “We got out ahead of the potholes, but that’s not to say people aren’t frustrated by them.”

Hogsett said the onset of warmer weather that came a little earlier this year was particularly helpful.

“You know we were fortunate that the hot asphalt plants opened up by Feb. 21 this year,” he added. “Which is actually a little earlier than normal.”

Hogsett urges you to reach out to DPW on their website if you see a pothole that has yet to be filled, especially in the side street areas that are less traveled.

Warm weather asphalt patching of potholes typically holds a lot better than cold weather patching. Hogsett expects that between DPW workers and private contractors that most, if not all, roads will be back in good condition by the first of April.