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STATEWIDE — It’s another day of bombing and killing in Ukraine. Russia continues to push forward in it’s invasion. As long as that continues, so does Mission to Ukraine.

Mission to Ukraine is an Indiana based non-profit organization that helps disabled children and mothers back in Ukraine. Execeutive Director Steve Boles tells WIBC’s Terri Stacey on The First Day that so far, no volunteers have been killed.

“However, we do know people who have been [killed],” Boles explains, “and that’s very, very sad for us. One of the children with disabilities that we serve, his father was killed in one of the bombs, while he was serving in the military.”

One family managed to escape Ukraine, just days before Russia invaded. Olga Antonova, her husband and children all managed to make it out and relocate in Indianapolis, with the help of Mission to Ukraine. Antonova says she and her family are here phsycially, but their minds and hearts are in Ukraine.

Antonova explains, “we are on the news like almost 24-hours a day, watching and seeing how our country’s being destroyed and just brutally ruined for no reason.”

Despite witnessing the continuous destruction, Antonova says she wishes to one day go back home and see her friends and family.

You can learn more about Mission to Ukraine and how to donate here.