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“I’m sick of this stuff,” said an angry Biden at a Democratic retreat in Philadelphia.

What chaffed Biden’s buns? A rash from his Depends?

No, the president was angered by Americans speaking the truth about inflation in the U.S., which stands at a 40-year high due to Brandon’s disastrous policies and general incompetence.

“The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money. Simply not true,” Biden lied.

Pelosi doubled down on the misinformation in a separate news conference, saying: “When we’re having this discussion, it’s important to dispel some of those who say, well it’s the government spending. No, it isn’t. The government spending is doing the exact reverse, reducing the national debt. It is not inflationary.”

Did you catch that? Pelosi just told you that deficit spending DECREASES the National Debt! That’s like saying spewing carbon emissions reduces global warming.

Fact: Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, ultra-low interest rates, decades of deficit spending, and supply chain issues related to COVID and Biden’s vaccine mandate are the fuel for the current inflationary crisis. Biden’s disastrous energy policy is the fuel for the impending period of stagflation the U.S. will likely be forced to endure in the coming months.

But don’t tell Resident Joe or famed denture-sucking insider trader Nancy Pelosi that.

“Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin,” Biden blatantly lied Friday.

“Putin’s gas hike. That’s his gas hike,” Speaker Dentures told reporters.

Never mind the fact that food and energy prices were rocketing to astronomical levels well before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

GOVERNMENT created this crisis – not greedy businessmen, rich people, or Vladimir Putin.

Non-moron and famed economist Milton Friedman explained this stuff more than 40 years ago.

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