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KYIV, Ukraine. — Fighting rages on in Ukraine as Russian forces continue their assault for a third week.

It’s now been 19 days since Russia invaded its neighbor. As the humanitarian crisis deepens, both sides are preparing for another round of peace talks this morning.

This was after Russia attacked a base near the Polish border with a missile strike. The base has been used to train foreign fighters taking up arms for Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine are preparing for a fourth round of talks which could come as soon as today according to Ukrainian officials.  They add both sides are in talks with mediators from Turkey and Israel for potential discussion topics, including a cease-fire and Russian withdrawal.

An American journalist is dead and another is hospitalized after an attack by Russian forces.

Brent Renaud was shot and killed in the town of Irpin, just west of Kyiv.  Renaud was said to have been in a car with American photographer Juan Arredondo, who is in the hospital with unknown injuries.

The Latvian President says the establishment of a more permanent military presence along NATO borders is necessary amid the ongoing Russian invasion.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Egils Levits said that the buildup would send a clear message to President Putin about further aggression beyond Ukraine.  He also welcomed the arrival of American troops and aircraft into his country.  A former Soviet state, Latvia shares a 130-mile border with Russia.

The war has caused gas prices to surge all over the world.  A new poll shows Americans support punishing Russia despite high gas prices.

The CBS News poll shows 80-percent of those who responded to the poll were in support of sanctions against Russian gas and oil. That number went down about 15-percent when sanctions came with the caveat of higher gas prices, but still over 60-percent were in favor, saying it’s to help Ukraine rather than be patriotic.