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Twas not so long ago, blessed reader, that he who is Rob Kendall – the “Batman” of political accountability – set out on a mission: to retrieve answers to some very basic questions from Indiana’s most powerful suppressor of Constitutional Rights, Eric Holcomb.

With love of freedom in his heart and a properly formatted, grammatically correct, and spell-checked Word document in his hand, our hero turned to his loyal sidekick, “Boy Wonder,” Jacob, and said, “Let’s Go!”

“Are we going on an important mission?” asked Boy Wonder.

“Yes,” replied BatRob. “I’ll need a human shield in the event there is gunfire or the deployment of chemical weapons.”

“Is there a chance I could die?” asked Boy Wonder, Jacob?

“Yes, but don’t worry,” replied BatRob. “I can replace you. I’ll be fine.”

“Can I wear my tights this time?” Boy Wonder excitedly asked.

“Can you shut up and meet me at the car?” BatRob yelled.

“The RobMobile?” asked Boy Wonder.

“Yes, you moron,” replied our hero.

“You mean I can ride with you this time?” Boy Wonder asked with dazzling awe in his eyes.

“No, you’ll walk behind me as usual and keep your eyes peeled for potential assassins from the WIBC newsroom,” said BatRob. “Now, let’s go!”

Would this mission bear fruit? Would answers to BatRob’s inquiries be obtained?

Our hero waited for many weeks. And then one day, a very special response arrived from Governor Holcomb’s office…

BatRob shares that response in the clip below.