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Indianapolis – Gus Bradley has been a defensive coordinator in the NFL for 8 seasons and a Head Coach for 3 full season before being fired in the middle of his 4th. After joining the Raiders for the 2021 season Bradley was ready for a change of scenery after a strange year in Las Vegas which included major off the field distractions and Head Coach Jon Gruden being fired mid-season.


Colts fans grew irritated with former Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus’s zone scheme which led to multiple games in which opposing QBs had career days. 107.5 The Fan afternoon host JMV asked Bradley when he joined him on his show his philosophy and the scheme he plans on bringing to Indianapolis:


“As a Defensive Coordinator you’re always looking at the 4th quarter rushing of the QB and how important it is. That was a big emphasis point for me back with the Raiders because they lost quite a few games in the 4th quarter. So putting together a rush, by committee, with 4 guys is critical. Those guys you mention (Paye & Odeyingbo) obviously we’re very excited about them. We just have to continue developing them and build on that.”


Bradley goes on to talk about the importance of strong Cornerbacks and the style of play he wants his secondary to execute:


“Those cover corners, especially in our style of play, are very important. We’re going to be aggressive on the perimeter, you’ll see a lot of press coverage. We have to win at the line of scrimmage and stay on top throughout the route to compete on those balls.”


Outside of All-Pro LB Darius Leonard’s takeover forcing plays, the Colts defense didn’t seem cut out to keep pace with elite offenses across the NFL. New DC Gus Bradley will look to put more pressure on QB’s. Especially in the 4th quarter.


If you missed any of JMV’s conversation with Bradley listen to the full podcast below and be sure to check out JMV live on 107.5 and 93.5 from 3-6 ET every Monday-Friday!