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MARIUPOL, Ukraine. — There’s growing outrage today over Russia’s bombing of a maternity hospital in southern Ukraine.

It’s now being reported a child and two adults died, along with the 17 others injured in yesterday’s strike. The attack came despite Russia agreeing to a 12-hour ceasefire on Wednesday so more refugees could evacuate.

The Kremlin says the hospital was a legitimate military target adding it was being used by Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol as a hideout. US intelligence says that claim is false.

Despite the widely-condemned bombing, U.S. and NATO officials are reiterating they will not impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is accusing the West of being an “accomplice ignoring terror.”

In an interview with Sky News, he said “yesterday the world did nothing,” adding “I’m sorry, but it’s true.” Zelensky called yesterday’s attack in the southern city of Mariupol “proof of a genocide.”

Another round of peace talks wrapped up today as the fighting enters its third week.

Ukraine’s foreign minister met with his Russian counterpart in Turkey. He says they couldn’t reach a deal for a ceasefire but agreed to meet again on how to end the war.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed they won’t attack other countries but at the same time, he’s still insisting Russia didn’t attack Ukraine either. He claims they were forced to conduct a “special military operation” in the country to assure Russia’s own security.

The talks come as the United Nations reports Ukraine’s death toll is at least 516, with more than 900 injured.  But one city alone claims it already lost 1,300 lives.