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President Biden has announced a ban against any importation of Russian oil into the US. After several weeks, Americans are wondering why government took so long on the bipartisan bill.

Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News has reported that Congress was unanimously for the ban, but Biden was the one who stalled.

Heinrich reported that the House Ways and Means Committee developed a bill to ban all Russian oil imports over the weekend. The bill would remove the permanent normalized trade relations from Russia. Heinrich explained that because of this, we would lose the “most favored nation status” on tariffs, which is why Biden intervened to stop the bill.

The White House told the Ways & Means Democrats to not move forward; however, the party wanted to anyway. The White House then attempted to convince Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to intervene, but failed as she also wanted to push ahead.

After another failed attempt, the White House tried to get Sen. Wyden to pull out on the Senate side because the Biden administration did not want to “appear that they had been boxed in by Congress.”

In the end Biden finally jumped on board to ban Russian oil imports without Europe. The announcement was made Tuesday.