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The cruel and unrelenting infliction of pain upon Europe is set to continue.

The White House is discussing plans to send Vice President Kamala Harris back to Europe in the coming days to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Is the Biden administration full of sadists? Doesn’t Europe have enough on its plate already? When has sending Kamala Harris ANYWHERE led to good things?

The White House sent VP Harris to a security conference in Munich a few weeks ago to offer ideas on how to keep Russia from invading Ukraine – a trip that was clearly a rousing success.

The alleged purpose of Harris’ upcoming will be to visit troops stationed in Romania to boost morale, according to the New York Post.

Question: If you’re at war and your life is potentially on the line, is this really the gal who’s going to articulate a message of hope that will encourage your heart?

Harris will also visit the country’s border with Ukraine to observe the humanitarian crisis there.

Yessir, when you need someone to provide ideas for a humanitarian crisis at your border, Vice President Kamala Harris is your top pick.

God be with you, Europe. Kamala is on the way…