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INDIANAPOLIS–The Indianapolis police officer who was shot Sunday night survived, but faces a long recovery.

The officer was shot while chasing a suspect in Fountain Square. Police say the suspect, 31-year-old Mylik Hill, was also shot. They are both recovering at hospitals.

On Thursday afternoon, IMPD said the officer was shot in the throat, which has caused significant damage to his Adam’s apple and voice box. He has to communicate through writing and eat through a feeding tube.

The officer went through an initial surgery Sunday night. He had a second surgery Thursday.

“This uncertainty will not be resolved quickly. The road to recovery will be long. It will require the input of a voice box specialist and much more fervent and persistent prayer. In this operation, they will exchange the stent with a more suitable one and thoroughly examine the extent of injury to the voice box from the inside. A better understanding of the extent of the damage will clarify the treatment options for the officer’s continued recovery. Please pray God would grant skill, wisdom, and insight to the ENT surgery team, that all aspects of the operation might go smoothly, and for continued healing, comfort, and faith for the officer, the officer’s spouse, and the family,” said IMPD in a statement Thursday.

Rick Snyder, the President of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, said Thursday that he has spoken to the officer.

“I can assure you this IMPD officer is remaining steadfast in standing his post and fighting for his recovery. This is a strong family of faith. It is very apparent as they begin this walk, this journey, not just with recovery, but stepping through the process of trying to better understand what happened, how it happened, and why it happened,” said Snyder.