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Another day, another lie.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is claiming the increase in gas prices is because of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. During her weekly press briefing on Capitol Hill she shifted any inflation blame she could.

“Let me just say that the issue of the price of gas and the price of oil is directly related to what is happening in the Ukraine.”

Tony Katz points out that while the Russian invasion is adding to the increase in gas and oil, the overall prices were dramatically increasing well-before then.

“We’re well-over $100 a barrel (of oil) and we’re up $25 in less than two months –and that’s Biden’s policies, that’s inflation, that’s a series of failures, that’s what happens when we’re not energy independent or at least pushing towards it.”

Pelosi did state that she is “all for” banning Russian oil imports.

Gas prices have risen 40% in the last year according to Consumer Price Index.

As of Thursday, Gas Buddy reported the average gas price in Indiana has risen to $3.89/gal.