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WASHINGTON — The United Nations has approved a resolution to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The measure received a rare standing ovation from the assembly of ambassadors from countries all over the world, as a sign of solidarity that the world overwhelmingly disapproves of the invasion.

The resolution was approved just hours after Hoosier Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, a native of Ukraine, urged the international community to do just that.

“The whole international community needs to condemn this. This is pure criminal. This is pure killing,” she said in a press conference with Sen. Lindsay Graham. “It’s is not a war. It is a genocide and destruction and killing of people.”

Spartz warned that the U.S. must be on higher alert since Russia is still advancing through Ukraine and is coming closer to our NATO allies. She says as they get closer to Poland and the Baltics the risk of direct engagement between Russian and US forces grows bigger.

In order to avoid that, Spartz said the White House must act to further cut the world off from Russia economically, primarily when it comes to Russian energy.

“We are still importing Russian oil,” she said. “So, if we want to really mean it, we should look at how we are going to open up our own capacity and not have terrible policies right now that make us more dependant on our adversaries.”

President Biden said in his State of the Union he was planning to release more oil from the U.S oil reserves, but Republicans have been calling on Biden to put aside efforts to regulate American oil companies in an effort to curb climate change.

Biden has said that banning Russian oil imports is “not off the table” as his administration continues to consider sanctions it can place on Russia.