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Do you hear the latest developments out of Washington D.C.? Democrats are PRO-law enforcement now!

President Joe Biden made the happy announcement during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

Sorry, wrong clip.

There it is.

And then the person who pretends to be Joe Biden on Twitter issued a tweet.

So why the change of heart? Why are Democrats suddenly pro-police? Why are actual criminals suddenly more dangerous than our heroic law enforcement officers?

Was it the surge in violent crime across the nation?

Was it the rise in ambush attacks on police officers?

Did Democrats feel a sense of remorse after their destructive rhetoric led to hundreds of senseless deaths, riots, and looting across the nation?

No. The polling revealed just 18% of Americans are in favor of defunding the police. Innocent people losing their lives, their homes, and their businesses is one thing, but being anti-cop could cost the Democrats an election.

But we remember, Joe, and we’re not letting Democrats rewrite history on this one.

Enjoy 7 Minutes of Democrats Saying We Should Defund The Police:

Note: In the interest of full transparency, please bear in mind that some of these clips are REALLY old – like 18 months old.

Good luck in the midterms, Democrats.