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WASHINGTON--The invasion of Ukraine is not a war, it’s a genocide, said Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, Tuesday morning in a speech at the House Republican Conference in Washington.

“This is a genocide of the Ukrainian people by a crazy man who cannot accept that Ukrainian people do not want socialism, Soviet Union, communism. They want to be with the United States of America. They want to be free people. They want to be with the west,” she said.

Spartz, who was born in Soviet-era Ukraine, gave emotional examples from her own family situation.

“They are bombing civilians non-stop, day and night,” she said. “They’re killing women and children. They are using illegal weapons. They’re slaughtering them like animals. They’re killing the people. It is not a war, it is a genocide because we have a crazy man that believes that he has the whole world hostage.”

Spartz put part of the blame on Pres. Biden, saying he is not being serious enough or showing enough leadership in sanctions on Russian energy.

“We have a president that talks about, talks about and doesn’t do things,” said Spartz. “If we don’t stop him there. He is not going to stop. He is going to go further and then we will have to send our children to fight this.”

She went as far as to say that the blood of the Ukrainian could be on Biden’s head.

“All of the oil with blood that’s flowing from Russia, we are buying that and Europeans are buying that. It’s mixed with the blood of the Ukrainian people.”