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NEW YORK CITY — It’s day six of the war in Ukraine with new fears the worst is yet to come. Russia’s UN Ambassador says the story around his country’s invasion Ukraine is being flipped from the truth.

Speaking at a UN emergency session, Ukraine’s Ambassador said Russia has been upping the attacks in recent days.

“Russia’s missiles are now aimed at destroying the infrastructure objects,” he said. “They targeted the radioactive waste disposal site near Kyiv.”

Ukraine’s UN ambassador said the attack has been completely unprovoked and the Russians are killing citizens throughout the country with airstrikes and bombings.

The Russian ambassador said citizens in eastern Ukraine have been suffering from poor treatment by the Ukrainian government and the West has been ignoring these facts.

U.S. officials warn a second wave of Russian troops is expected as new satellite images show a military convoy closing in on the capital. It stretches more than 40 miles long.

This is unfolding after rockets already hit a residential area in the country’s second-largest city. That triggered the International Criminal Court to say it will investigate Russia for alleged war crimes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has put his nuclear forces on high alert.

Belarus is opening the door for nuclear weapons on its soil.

The Russian ally and supporter of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, has voted to change its constitution to allow nukes for the first time since giving them up after the fall of the Soviet Union.