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STATEWIDE–Gas prices will stay elevated “for the foreseeable future” due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, according to both GasBuddy and the Lundberg Survey.

Sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine could cause another surge in oil and gas prices.

“It could be an increase of another dime, but it can’t be known for sure because the sanctions from different countries will act upon one another,” said Trilby Lundberg, oil and gas analyst with the Lundberg Survey.

Most stations are selling diesel fuel for more than $4 per gallon. The average price for gas nationally is $3.64. GasBuddy says the average for Indiana is $3.53, which is up 17 cents from where it was this time last week. The average is $3.56 in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. The average is $3.33 in Evansville.

GasBuddy’s Head of Petroleum Analysis Patrick DeHaan says it is not just the Russia-Ukraine invasion that is making prices high.

“In addition to the unstable situation with the Russian invasion, we’re also entering the time of year that seasonality pushes gasoline prices up by anywhere from 25 to 75 cents by Memorial Day. It’s simply looking like a perfect storm for motorists at the pump, with little to no relief anytime soon,” said DeHaan.