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Angela Grabovsky, Republican candidate for Indiana’s 7th congressional district, put campaign talk to the side Friday to discuss what is going on in her home country of Ukraine.

Grabovsky was born and raised in Ukraine, moving to Indianapolis with her family at 23 years old in 1989. Her family immigrated as political refugees escaping from the Soviets.

At CPAC 2022, Grabovsky sat down with Tony Katz to reflect on the Biden administration’s poor response to Russia’s attack.

“I think the whole world is laughing and crying at the same time. Our Ukrainian and Russian friends…they all expected the Biden administration would step up, do the right thing, and avoid the invasion. But for some reason they didn’t want to listen to Kyiv, they didn’t want to listen to Moscow, and they’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

They are laughing at our president who is half asleep…the expectation of the world leader was not fulfilled. Neither the Russians or Ukrainians are trusting their government, but they trusted there is a higher power in the United States that would have led them to a successful resolution to this conflict, unfortunately it did not happen.”

Listen to Grabovsky’s full interview with Tony here:


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