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WASHINGTON--As it became clear that Russia’s move against Ukraine was an invasion, Hoosier lawmakers agreed that the aggression should not come without consequences.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said he believes the most sensible move is to not only punish Russia with severe economic sanctions, but also to re-establish American dominance in the energy market.

“The U.S. must unleash independent American energy production to lessen the pain of rising fuel prices on Americans, and the U.S. must be watchful to avoid endangering U.S. troops by involving them further in this volatile situation,” said Braun.

Rep. Victoria Spartz, a Republican born in Soviet-era Ukraine, said she is disappointed with the lack of leadership and strategy on multiple fronts within the Biden administration.

Democratic Congressman Andre Carson Tweeted that he believes the invasion is unjustified.

“My prayers are with the people of Ukraine as they face an unjust attack by Russia. This is a clear power grab and act of aggression that could destabilize the world. The U.S. must continue doing all we can to stop this war and hold Russia accountable,” he said.