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Donnie Burgess contributed to this story.

DUBOIS COUNTY, Ind.--The avian flu has been detected on another farm in Dubois County. The Indiana Board of Animal Health says that another 35,908 turkeys will have to be “depopulated” or put down, and that effort was already underway Wednesday.

Five farms in both Dubois and Greene counties have been affected by the outbreak, and 154,781 turkeys have been killed to try and stop the spread.

The kind of avian flu identified in Indiana has not been shown to affect food or humans.

But, the knowledge that the flu is affecting the state’s turkey population could affect exports and trade with other countries, said Denise Derrer Spears, spokesperson for the Board of Animal Health.

“When this disease is present in the state, a lot of our international trading partners…may use this as a way to block trade and say, well, you’ve got that disease there. We don’t want your products,” she said. “It’s really not a significant threat to the products that are moved. However, it is an opportunity for trading partners to get an advantage on a global marketplace.”

The farm where birds most recently tested positive is about two and a half miles from the first farm where turkeys tested positive on Feb. 8.

A news release said Wednesday that everyone who keeps chickens or turkeys for a hobby or just for their own eggs or meat will also need to have those birds tested, and that is no cost to them.

Signs of the H5 strain of avian flu include: sudden death without clinical signs; lack of energy or appetite; decreased egg production; soft-shelled or misshapen eggs; swelling or purple discoloration of head, eyelids, comb, hocks; nasal discharge; coughing; sneezing; lack of coordination; and diarrhea.