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It doesn’t sound like that the Indianapolis Colts will be quarterbacked by Carson Wentz after one year according to several reporters.

On Tuesday’s edition of the Ride With JMV, Bob Kravitz from the The Athletic joined JMV to provide clarity on whether or not the Colts even know what their plans are at quarterback once they break-up with Wentz.

“Look there is no plan b right now. I don’t know if they’re going to go the draft route in a year where that’s not heavy on top quarterbacks. None of the free agents thrill me. I just don’t think they have full clarity yet on how they’re going to proceed. All they know is that they got to move on from Carson Wentz.”

Some of those free agent quarterbacks that don’t thrill Kravitz feature Jameis Winston, Jacoby Brissett, Marcus Mariota, and several others.

A big voice that Colts fans speculate that is behind wanting to make the move is Colts Owner Jim Irsay. Kravitz was asked if Irsay is indeed the catalyst for wanting a new quarterback again.

“I think it’s a 50/50 proposition. I think they feel like when they need him to make a play, he couldn’t. I think there are things behind the scenes that we are not privy to that has made them look at this in a very different way that the raw statistics might suggest. There are things happening behind closed doors that we just don’t know and I think that in concert with the fact that he fell completely apart the last month of the season work together to make them reach the conclusion that he’s not the guy going forward and you don’t want to double down on a mistake.”

To listen to JMV’s full conversation with Kravitz regarding Carson Wentz, follow the link below!