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As Putin and Russia begin their invasion into Ukraine, media outlets in the US are (still) pointing fingers at former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell made the bold claim earlier this week that Trump is partly to blame for the invasion.

“Just to go back to the Trump years….because that’s when Ukraine became so politicized as part of an impeachment.”

Rep. Jim Banks, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, told Tony Katz if anything Putin is acting now because Trump has left office.

Donald Trump deterred Russian aggression for years. They see the weakness of Joe Biden on a daily basis on the world stage which is why they are striking now. That’s why they didn’t strike when Donald Trump was in the White House because they feared how he might react. They do not fear Joe Biden.

Banks discusses the “Trump blame,”, along with Biden’s sanctions, the US involvement with Ukraine and more.