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INDIANAPOLIS — The man accused of shooting and killing Lt. Aaron Allan in Southport back in 2017 is guilty.

A judge read the verdict in court on Tuesday with Allan’s family looking on. Jason Brown rarely made eye contact with anyone as the judge decided that Brown was guilty of murder.

“I have waited so long,” said Allan’s mother Laurie Lowry after the verdict was handed down. “Four and a half years and finally, finally something happens. I would’ve rather had the death penalty because that’s what he deserves.”

The death penalty was not considered because of a deal struck between Brown and prosecutors that the case would be heard in a bench trial, meaning no jury would hear the case, just a judge.

Subsequently, the judge took life without parole off the table because he said prosecutors failed to prove that Brown knew he was firing at a police officer. Lt. Allen was shot at 18 times by Brown, 10 rounds of which hit Allan.

“I’m thankful the judge gave us this. Hopefully, he will never see the outside of the bars, ever,” Lowry added. “I hope (Brown) learns and thinks about this, whatever time the judge gives him”.

Brown will be sentenced on April 8th. With no death penalty or life without parole possible, Brown is eligible to receive anywhere between 45 and 65 years in prison.