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One person was shot and killed in a shooting at Chuck E. Cheese’s Sunday evening on East Washington Street. It happened around 5:30 pm as kids were gathered inside for a birthday party.

When police arrived, they found a scene of chaos. Parents were frantic to reunite with their children. There were people trying to flee, and a man lying dead outside the Chuck E. Cheese.

Police say the fatal shots were fired from the parking lot into the restaurant.

Two suspects fled the scene in a white SUV.

According to WISH-TV, the children who were present heard the shots and saw the body.

 This incident occurred on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a family restaurant that was FILLED with children who are now traumatized by what occurred.

As of Monday afternoon, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett had yet to comment on the tragedy. The mayor’s silence is not only inexcusable, it’s a missed opportunity.

Any elected official owes it to the community he represents to project strength and confidence in times of crisis. Yet time and again, Hogsett has failed to rise to the occasion.

WISH-TV reports that screaming and terrified children were being shoved under tables as gunshots rang out Sunday. Many of those kids had no idea where their parents were at the time. They saw the bullet-riddled body lying dead outside the restaurant. The incident occurred in broad daylight.

We understand that elected officials are unable to comment on every single shooting that occurs in our city each week. This is Indianapolis, after all.

That said, Mayor Hogsett should take a couple of sips of his preferred “courage juice” and offer a statement on this one. He owes our city at least that much.