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Ottawa police held a press conference this weekend to discuss the ongoing trucker Freedom Convoy protests in Canada.

Canadian truckers have been peacefully protesting in Ottawa since late January calling for an end to mask and vaccine mandates. Friday the Ottawa police arrested more than 100 protestors after refusing to vacate areas around Parliament Hill. Police Chief Steven Bell confirmed batons and horse-mounted cops were used to clear the crowd. Two protestors were reportedly trampled by those horses.

According to the police chief protestors were advised to leave or they would be removed from the streets. Public warnings were made across social media platforms.

When asked about future ramifications regarding anyone involved in the unlawful protests, Bell confidently announced there would be an extensive investigation.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.”

Tony Katz says the Ottawa police and Canadian government are instilling nothing but abuse to Canadians.

“Remember, they aren’t us. They don’t believe in actual freedom… The citizen surely isn’t in charge. The citizen is no longer a citizen- they are nothing more than a subject.”

Katz believes times like this can remind Americans why it’s so important to vote in leaders who believe in American values and freedom.

“What we need to do is ensure that we don’t turn into Canada. You want to know why elections matter? Here you go.”