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STATEWIDE–If you’re getting sick of the winter weather, then the National Weather Service wants to remind you that warmer temperatures are coming soon.

“Early next week, we’re forecasting highs around 50 on Sunday, 57 or so on Monday, and then 60 on Tuesday,” said Alex McGinnis, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

That is a trend you can expect to see not only in central Indiana but across the rest of the state too, says McGinnis.

“But when you get mild conditions like that this time of year, oftentimes it comes with chances of precipitation. We are forecasting rain chances on Tuesday,” said McGinnis.

Those showers look to be scattered at this point. In the meantime, McGinnis says you need to watch out for black ice and spots where there could be flooding.

“If you’re on untreated roads with no salt, the surfaces could have ice or black ice around. You’ll want to take it slow and give yourself extra time to reach your destination,” said McGinnis.

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