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MANILA, Philippines. — Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao vows to fight drugs “the right way” if elected president of the Philippines.

The 43-year-old Pacquiao is now a senator in his home country and is trailing in the polls to replace President Rodrigo Duterte.

Thousands of alleged drug dealers have been killed during Duterte’s presidency, and Pacquiao says he believes there have been “extrajudicial killings.”

The former world boxing champ said this week if he’s elected president he’ll give suspects the right to defend themselves in court and not, as he put it, “kill them in the streets.”

“I just want to inform you that if I ever become a president, my administration will be bloody,” Pacquiao said. “There will be no killings but I will put in jail all the erring government officials.”

Pacquiao has been a vocal critic of many parts of the Philippine government, claiming corruption. He recently claimed that Duterte’s administration is “more corrupt than his predecessor.”