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WASHINGTON–The most confusing messaging about the Ukraine situation isn’t coming from the president of Ukraine, says Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, it’s coming from Congress.

The Republican from Indiana, who was born in Soviet Ukraine, said she is puzzled at why the Biden administration is threatening serious sanctions for Russia if they invade Ulraine, but Congress doesn’t seem to want to follow up on those threats.

“Pres. Biden uses a lot of very strong adjectives about sanctions, how devastating and serious they’re going to be. But, then we don’t even deliberate these issues in Congress,” said Spartz on Fox News. “If you want to have serious long-term, it’s going to affect all of us.”

Spartz said she’s puzzled and seemed a bit frustrated because of a lack of discussions about sanctions in a recent meeting of the House Foreign Relations Committee, blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“She schedules a special hour on Ukraine on Wednesday, after everyone leaves, after Congress goes on our recess. I know that she’s so afraid of AOC and [Rashida] Talib and she’s not wanting to talk about a serious situation,” said Spartz.

She said that Ukraine is in a serious situation because if Russia invades, the battle that they will fight is not just for them.

“If countries, if people of China or Cuba or Belarus or Russia, people ever want to have freedom from totalitarian governments, that’s going to be a task for the.”