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WASHINGTON–Congressman Andre Carson is hoping for a peaceful solution to the situation between Russian and Ukraine. The Democratic congressman, who represents parts of Indianapolis in Washington, said in an interview with IndyPolitics that he also hopes the U.S. is able to send a message that American will not tolerate the aggression.

“Russia for quite some time has seen Ukraine as being part of the Russian empire,” said Carson. “My hope is that we will do all we can as an ally and push back on Russian aggression.”

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He did not elaborate on how America should push back.

He said the U.S. should send a message that we will not stand idly by while “you have opponents like Russia and others launch defense measures and even aggressive postures in seas where there are treaties”.

“My hope is that we can come to some to some peaceful resolution. But, the way that it’s looking right, I think folks are just based in ego,” he said. “My hope is that through negotiations with Secretary [of State Anthony] Blinken and others that we can come to some kind of resolve in the near future.”

Carson also said he believes Indiana will be in good shape with $5 billion in the bank and more money coming from the federal government.

“We’re gonna see charging stations. We’re gonna see an investment in rail in our state,” said Carson, pointing out the money that is being spent from the infrastructure package that is being spent on roads, bridges and broadband.

“Infrastructure is monumental. American Recovery is monumental. My hope is that we don’t get lost on messaging. My Republican buddies have done a better jobs in terms of messaging in terms of making it more succinct.”

Carson said he believes Democrats will do well in this year’s Congressional elections.

“I think Democrats have something to run on this year and I think we’re gonna be the party of winners if we do this the right way.”